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If you’re burning the candle at both ends trying to grow your business as well as your product library, it’s time to implement some evergreen “passive” income streams.

Perhaps you've dreamed of setting up a stream of passive income, but didn't know where to start. Or maybe you gave it a go in the past, but it didn't bring in the results you were hoping for. Without a clearly laid out map, you may be spinning your wheels and creating more work for yourself that pushes the needle no further.

Even though passive income involves some work up front, with a carefully crafted plan, you can set it your sales on autopilot and spend a minimal amount of time each month monitoring its success. The Evergreen Sales Planner provides you with that crafted plan.

This planner will help you do the heavy lifting of converting your products and funnels into a successful evergreen passive stream of income you've always wanted.

This planner lays out a plan that will enable you to:

· map out your high-converting ‘forever’ funnel

· automate your lead generation

· update and automate your email sequence

· polish up your promotional plan

· and more.

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