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Groove Coaching


If you are using Groove for your marketing and finding it complicated, getting stuck, or getting frustrated - you are in the right place. Aren't you one smart cookie!

How do I know you are a smart cookie? Because you were smart enough to invest in the Groove platform! And because you are so smart, I am more than confident that you are smart enough to figure out the Groove platform on your own. After all, there are hours upon hours of free videos that are available ….

= BUT =

You are also smart enough know there is a hidden cost to this approach.


 Let's face it - nothing is more valuable than your time. And any time you spend stuck on tech is time taken away from your clients and customers. Which, bottom line, translates into lost income.

Don’t let tech overwhelm hinder your earning potential

Let's cut your learning time and work together so that you can get back to doing what you do best – serving your clients and sharing your gifts.


Whether you need guidance on the tech, strategy or implementation we can work through it together over a Zoom call where we will share screens and record the session for your future reference. 

groove personal coaching

We Can Cover:

Page Editing


Membership Sites

Email Lists



or Anything Else Inside of Groove

Don’t want to be bothered with figuring it out? That’s ok too. I also provide DIY templates and DFY Services. We can figure out the best approach for you over a free discovery call.


Initial 15 Minute Discovery Call - Free

30 minute coaching call - $75

1 hour coaching call - $125

DIY templates – prices vary, see templates page

DFY solutions – prices vary, see custom designs page

groove mentor

So, what are you waiting for? Take that first step toward eliminating tech overwhelm so you can get back to focusing on your zone of genius and making more money doing what you love.


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